Ugh. Depression. You probably don’t need a psychologist to tell you what depression is.  


Have you been experiencing anything like this?

  • Sleeping problems

  • Feeling more or less tired

  • Feeling “depressed”

  • Feeling more active or fidgety or less active and more still than usual

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Not enjoying things you used to enjoy

  • Not wanting to be around other people

  • A change in weight that’s not related to physical exercise

  • Less desire or more desire to eat

  • Thinking more about death or even considering killing yourself

  • Not feeling like yourself

  • Feeling like you’re looking at the world through a “dirty window”

If any of these seem like they describe what you’ve been feeling like lately, you might be experiencing depression.  Depression is legitimate and should be taken seriously.

The good news?

Depression is one of the main concerns our clients have and our therapists have a lot of education and experiencing in helping people with. We can help with this. When therapists are in training, one of the first areas we study is depression.  It’s one of the main reasons people seek counseling. The good thing about that is that your therapist is well-versed in various methods for helping you to learn more about the ins and outs of depression and what role it’s playing in your life. There are ways to feel better. Our motto at True North is—"Feeling better is just the beginning.”  We want you to not only learn skills for managing depression, but also find ways to add positive and meaningful moments in your life. Just being “undepressed” isn’t good enough for us. We want you to have a vision for your life and learn ways to gradually turn that vision into reality.

Give us a call and get connected with a therapist who can help provide you with a toolbox of methods to effectively manage your feelings while we support and encourage you on your path to a fulfilling and enjoyable life.



Therapists who do depression counseling