Typical day:

Wake up, check e-mail, have a great idea while you’re brushing your teeth and hope you don’t lose it before you get out of the bathroom, get the kids ready for school and make sure they have the right shoes on and have their backpack, listen to an entrepreneurial podcast while working out (or get down on yourself because you’re not working out), deal with traffic, get to the office, lab, studio, co-op – aka “work”, find out the latest problem and put out a fire, get a text from your child’s teacher and realize that (Crap!) you forgot to send in the field trip money, check e-mail, have a great idea for your business!, go to a meeting, rush to Walmart and pick up cookies (feel guilty that they’re not pinterest-worthy) and get to the school in time to volunteer for the holiday party, make small talk with the other moms and compliment each other’s kids, hug your child goodbye, check your phone and reply to a text from work, grab something to eat, go back to work, get started creating something, run out of time, go pick up the kids from daycare and ask how their day went, take the kids to practice, realize that you haven’t planned dinner and go through the drive-thru (there’s that guilt again), get home and get them fed, help with homework even though it’s hard for you to understand, make sure everybody’s ready for bed, sweep the floor and notice everything else that needs to be cleaned that you have neither the time nor energy to do right now, check e-mail and sit down to do just one more thing for work, notice that you have a partner, dog, fish, parent, friend, or whatever else applies, lose the fight with your heavy eyelids and fall asleep with a feeling of guilt because you haven’t finished what needs to be done for tomorrow.

If this comes pretty close to a snapshot of your life, then let me introduce myself.

Hi. I’m Janelle, and I’m happy to meet you! You are exactly the type of person I love working with!

I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, entrepreneur, thinker, creator, and zealous reader, (among other things).

I know the life of an entrepreneurial woman is multifaceted. There are so many moving parts, and lots of them you cherish like family, being able to build a career and make your dreams come to fruition, learning something new. But it feels like too much sometimes, and you can’t find that work/life balance that you keep hearing about in the media.  If you add anxiety, depression, grief, or relationship problems to the mix it can quickly feel like things are out of control.

I specialize in helping entrepreneurial women identify what’s going well in their lives, what’s not going well, and what they ultimately want. We identify what’s getting in the way of you living the life that you dream of. We prioritize and get to work on each of those areas to get closer and closer to the meaningful and enjoyable life that you have always dreamed of. I can’t guarantee “work/life balance” as a result of working with me (I honestly don’t believe that’s a real thing). But the women I’ve worked with have given me feedback that their life has a better rhythm and they have a renewed sense that they can do this! If this sounds appealing to you, give me a call and let’s see if we’re a good fit!



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