Most of us experience grief and loss several times during the course of our lives.
The problem is that we’re not usually taught how to cope with it.


Grieving can look different in different people. It can be extreme busy-ness, withdrawing from others, excessive sleeping or lack of sleeping, increases or decreases in drinking or eating.  It can also be crying, ruminating, and feeling like you’re disconnected from your body or from your experience. It can be triggered by the death of a loved one (pets count too!), loss of a job or career, loss of physical ability, loss of an important relationship.  Any sort of loss that has swept the rug out from under your feet.

Often these are some of the thoughts that swirl around in our heads when we’re experiencing grief:  

“What if I’m never going to feel happy again?”

“My life falls in two categories “before the grief” and “after the grief.”

“They keep saying I’ve grieved long enough and now it’s time to “get over it” and I need to “move on.” They don’t understand me at all.”

“They haven’t gone through this and they can’t relate to what it’s like.  I feel so alone with this.”

It’s not like somebody died. I don’t know why I can’t just put this behind me and move on.”

“It’s been a long time. I have to stop talking to people about this and start acting like I’m fine.”

And to make things worse, it feels like your world has stopped, but the rest of the world keeps moving…. You still have to go to work and pay bills. You still have to take care of your children, partner, parents, pets who may also be grieving at the same time.  You still have a business to run with employees who rely on you for their livelihood. There’s a lot of pressure to be strong when you’re feeling the most vulnerable.

What if you could talk with a patient, compassionate person who truly wanted to hear the details about what you’re experiencing. You wouldn’t have to worry that you were causing them pain or being a burden to them. A person who didn’t rush you to feel better or try to cheer you up. A person who would be by your side through this journey. A person with expertise in helping people to go through the process of grieving and has helped people get to a point of incorporating their experience of grief into the rest of their life.

Call us today and get expert support and assistance in going through this process.


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