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F. Janelle McNeal, Ph.D.

Hi! I’m Janelle. I’m a licensed psychologist, and I specialize in working with entrepreneurial women. I understand the pressure and stress that come along with owning a business. It’s easy to be consumed by your work and to struggle with balancing work with all the other areas of your life. You often feel spread too thin and like you’re not doing a good enough job in any of the areas in your life. You feel you’re not a “good enough” business owner, partner, mother, daughter, colleague, etc. even though you’re trying so hard!

When you work with me, I’ll help you to feel comfortable and safe. I’m not judgmental, and I make it easier to talk about things you feel embarrassed, guilty, or self-conscious about. I’m not perfect either! I genuinely care about each of my clients. We’ll work together to figure out what’s going well in your life and what’s going not so well. We’ll assess your goals, your to do list, and your feelings and will come up with a game plan to get you in a better place.

After working with me, clients often tell me they experience the following benefits:

• Coping tools to deal with anxiety and stress.
• A sense that they can handle whatever comes up in life.
• Ability to successfully run their business while having positive relationships and raising their children well.
• Feeling peaceful.
• Feeling like they have more time and are less rushed.
• Decreased negative emotions
• Feeling a sense of “control.”
• Feeling more grounded and steady.
• Feeling more organized.
• Better financial health because of increased organization and less emotional spending.
• Better physical health because of improved sleep, eating, and exercise.
• Better spiritual health.

Overall, my clients describe living more meaningful, authentic, and satisfying lives.

I’m looking forward to working alongside you to
help you see these benefits!